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UISlider — class, package com.bit101.components
UISlider(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, label:String, defaultHandler:Function) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.UISlider
UP — Constant Property, class com.bit101.components.NumericStepper
UP — Constant Property, class com.bit101.components.ScrollBar
_upButton — Property, class com.bit101.components.ScrollBar
update() — method, class com.bit101.components.Meter
Updates the target rotation of the needle and starts an enterframe handler to spring it to that point.
update() — method, class com.bit101.components.ProgressBar
Updates the size of the progress bar based on the current value.
update() — method, class com.bit101.components.ScrollPane
Updates the scrollbars when content is changed.
updateKnob() — method, class com.bit101.components.Knob
Updates the rotation of the knob based on the value, then formats the value label.
updateLabels() — method, class com.bit101.components.RangeSlider
Sets the text and positions the labels.
updateScrollbar() — method, class com.bit101.components.TextArea
Changes the thumb percent of the scrollbar based on how much text is shown in the text area.
_usePopup — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
usePopup — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
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