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pageSize — Property, class com.bit101.components.ScrollBar
Sets / gets the amount the value will change when the back is clicked.
_panel — Property, class com.bit101.charts.Chart
_panel — Property, class com.bit101.components.List
_panel — Property, class com.bit101.components.Text
_panel — Property, class com.bit101.components.Window
Panel — class, package com.bit101.components
Panel(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.Panel
PANEL — Static Property, class com.bit101.components.Style
_password — Property, class com.bit101.components.InputText
password — Property, class com.bit101.components.InputText
Gets / sets whether or not this input text will show up as password (asterisks).
PieChart — class, package com.bit101.charts
Note: the data parameter of the PieChart, like the other charts, is an array.
PieChart(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, data:Array) — Constructor, class com.bit101.charts.PieChart
placeColors() — method, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
_plusBtn — Property, class com.bit101.components.NumericStepper
_popupAlign — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
popupAlign — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
positionHandle() — method, class com.bit101.components.Slider
Adjusts position of handle when value, maximum or minimum have changed.
positionHandles() — method, class com.bit101.components.RangeSlider
Adjusts positions of handles when value, maximum or minimum have changed.
positionLabel() — method, class com.bit101.components.HUISlider
Centers the label when label text is changed.
positionLabel() — method, class com.bit101.components.UISlider
Positions the label when it has changed.
positionLabel() — method, class com.bit101.components.VUISlider
_precision — Property, class com.bit101.components.Knob
_precision — Property, class com.bit101.components.UISlider
_prefix — Property, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
prefix — Property, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
Sets or gets the prefix shown before the number.
ProgressBar — class, package com.bit101.components
ProgressBar(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.ProgressBar
PROGRESS_BAR — Static Property, class com.bit101.components.Style
PushButton — class, package com.bit101.components
PushButton(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, label:String, defaultHandler:Function) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.PushButton
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