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_face — Property, class com.bit101.components.PushButton
flash(interval:int) — method, class com.bit101.components.IndicatorLight
Causes the light to flash on and off at the specified interval (milliseconds).
fontName — Static Property, class com.bit101.components.Style
fontSize — Static Property, class com.bit101.components.Style
formatValueLabel() — method, class com.bit101.components.Knob
Formats the value of the knob to a string based on the current level of precision.
formatValueLabel() — method, class com.bit101.components.UISlider
Formats the value of the slider to a string based on the current level of precision.
_fps — Property, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
fps — Property, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
Returns the current calculated FPS.
FPSMeter — class, package com.bit101.components
FPSMeter(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, prefix:String) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
_frames — Property, class com.bit101.components.FPSMeter
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