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Calendar — class, package com.bit101.components
Calendar(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.Calendar
Chart — class, package com.bit101.charts
Chart(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, data:Array) — Constructor, class com.bit101.charts.Chart
_chartHolder — Property, class com.bit101.charts.Chart
CheckBox — class, package com.bit101.components
CheckBox(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, label:String, defaultHandler:Function) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.CheckBox
_choice — Property, class com.bit101.components.RotarySelector
choice — Property, class com.bit101.components.RotarySelector
Gets / sets the current choice, keeping it in range of 0 to numChoices - 1.
clear(rb:com.bit101.components:RadioButton) — Static Method , class com.bit101.components.RadioButton
Unselects all RadioButtons in the group, except the one passed.
_closeButton — Property, class com.bit101.components.Window
_color — Property, class com.bit101.components.IndicatorLight
color — Property, class com.bit101.components.IndicatorLight
Sets / gets the color of this light (when lit).
_color — Property, class com.bit101.components.Panel
color — Property, class com.bit101.components.Panel
Gets / sets the backgrond color of this panel.
_color — Property, class com.bit101.components.WheelMenu
color — Property, class com.bit101.components.WheelMenu
Gets / sets the base color of buttons.
_color — Property, class com.bit101.components.Window
color — Property, class com.bit101.components.Window
Gets / sets the background color of this panel.
ColorChooser — class, package com.bit101.components
ColorChooser(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, value:uint, defaultHandler:Function) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
_colors — Property, class com.bit101.charts.PieChart
colors — Property, class com.bit101.charts.PieChart
Sets/gets the default array of colors to use for each arc.
_colors — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
_colorsContainer — Property, class com.bit101.components.ColorChooser
com.bit101.charts — package
com.bit101.components — package
ComboBox — class, package com.bit101.components
ComboBox(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number, defaultLabel:String, items:Array) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.ComboBox
Component — class, package com.bit101.components
Component(parent:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, xpos:Number, ypos:Number) — Constructor, class com.bit101.components.Component
content — Property, class com.bit101.components.Panel
Container for content added to this panel.
content — Property, class com.bit101.components.Window
Container for content added to this panel.
_corner — Property, class com.bit101.components.ScrollPane
correctValue() — method, class com.bit101.components.Knob
Adjusts value to be within minimum and maximum.
correctValue() — method, class com.bit101.components.Slider
Adjusts value to be within minimum and maximum.
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