IXMLDecoder Decodes an XML document to an ActionScript object graph based on XML Schema definitions.
 IXMLEncoder Encodes an ActionScript object graph to XML based on an XML schema.
 IXMLSchemaInstance An ActionScript type should implement this interface when it needs to instruct an XML Schema based encoder (such as the WebService SOAP client) which concrete type definition to use while encoding instances of the type.
 QualifiedResourceManager QualifiedResourceManager is a helper class that simply maintains the order that resources were added and maps a target namespace to one or more resources.
 SchemaTypeRegistry XMLDecoder uses this class to map an XML Schema type by QName to an ActionScript Class so that it can create strongly typed objects when decoding content.
 SimpleXMLDecoder The SimpleXMLDecoder class deserialize XML into a graph of ActionScript objects.
 SimpleXMLEncoder The SimpleXMLEncoder class takes ActionScript Objects and encodes them to XML using default serialization.