IResponder This interface provides the contract for any service that needs to respond to remote or asynchronous calls.
 AbstractInvoker An invoker is an object that actually executes a remote procedure call (RPC).
 AbstractOperation The AbstractOperation class represents an individual method on a service.
 AbstractService The AbstractService class is the base class for the HTTPMultiService, WebService, and RemoteObject classes.
 AsyncRequest The AsyncRequest class provides an abstraction of messaging for RPC call invocation.
 AsyncResponder This class provides an RPC specific implementation of mx.rpc.IResponder.
 AsyncToken This class provides a place to set additional or token-level data for asynchronous RPC operations.
 CallResponder This component helps you manage the results for asynchronous calls made from RPC based services, typically from MXML components.
 Fault The Fault class represents a fault in a remote procedure call (RPC) service invocation.
 Responder This class provides a default implementation of the mx.rpc.IResponder interface.