AbstractConsumer The AbstractConsumer is the base class for both the Consumer and MultiTopicConsumer classes.
 AbstractProducer The AbstractProducer is the base class for the Producer and MultiTopicConsumer classes.
 Channel The Channel class is the base message channel class that all channels in the messaging system must extend.
 ChannelSet The ChannelSet is a set of Channels that are used to send messages to a target destination.
 Consumer A Consumer subscribes to a destination to receive messages.
 FlexClient Singleton class that stores the global Id for this Player instance that is server assigned when the client makes its initial connection to the server.
 MessageAgent The MessageAgent class provides the basic low-level functionality common to message handling for a destination.
 MessageResponder The MessageResponder class handles a successful result or fault from a message destination.
 MultiTopicConsumer Like a Consumer, a MultiTopicConsumer subscribes to a destination with a single clientId and delivers messages to a single event handler.
 MultiTopicProducer A MultiTopicProducer sends messages to a destination with zero or more subtopics.
 Producer A Producer sends messages to a destination.
 SubscriptionInfo This is the class used for elements of the ArrayCollection subscriptions property in the MultiTopicConsumer property.