IMessage This interface defines the contract for message objects.
 ISmallMessage A marker interface that is used to indicate that an IMessage has an alternative smaller form for serialization.
 AbstractMessage Abstract base class for all messages.
 AcknowledgeMessage An AcknowledgeMessage acknowledges the receipt of a message that was sent previously.
 AsyncMessage AsyncMessage is the base class for all asynchronous messages.
 CommandMessage The CommandMessage class provides a mechanism for sending commands to the server infrastructure, such as commands related to publish/subscribe messaging scenarios, ping operations, and cluster operations.
 ErrorMessage The ErrorMessage class is used to report errors within the messaging system.
 HTTPRequestMessage HTTP requests are sent to the HTTP endpoint using this message type.
 MessagePerformanceUtils The MessagePerformanceUtils utility class is used to retrieve various metrics about the sizing and timing of a message sent from a client to the server and its response message, as well as pushed messages from the server to the client.
 RemotingMessage RemotingMessages are used to send RPC requests to a remote endpoint.
 SOAPMessage SOAPMessages are similar to HTTPRequestMessages.